Happy Thanksgiving

My Creative Process

Or, rather, the way in which God has created me to create.

Amelia Jenkins Doxology Crafts

I am sitting at my desk in the living room, cup of tea at my side, the world around me mentally tuned out. I’m in my happy place, cutting folding, rolling, gluing, building, creating.  The words of a familiar hymn catch my attention and I hum the tune as I work. I finish up a large angel and sit back to look at it, struck with awe at its beauty.


In home art studio

I create because I must. Creativity and working with my hands feel as essential as breathing.  I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and these inspirations refuse to be ignored.  Inspirations come from my faith, the Bible, Hymns, nature, architecture, structure, geometry, and art.  I am also captivated by the challenge of turning two-dimensional paper into three dimensional objects.

Why the hymn page medium?  The printed music is so beautiful to me, even though I can’t read music. and the lyrics are saturated in God’s love and hope.  As churches switch to digitally projected song lyrics, thousands of these precious old books lie forgotten.  This paper sculpting with hymns has become my way of bringing them back into the light and remembering our past way of life.

Sheet music seashell

Most of my new creations are made with much trial and error. Sometimes I will sketch out ideas, sometimes I will just start cutting and building, crumpling, tossing, cutting, and rebuilding. The puzzle captivates me, and I tend to lose track of time and work into the wee hours of the morning.

Paper sculpting tools
The tools I use are basic: scissors, handmade templates, hot glue, white glue, super glue, wire, and acrylic art protective spray, and a good cup of tea (I love my tea).
I love my work! I pray others are blessed by it and, above all, may God be Glorified.
-Amelia Jenkins, Doxology Crafts