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Amelia Jenkins of Doxology Crafts

My name is Amelia Jenkins, and I am the artist/creator of Doxology Crafts.

Since forever, as far back as I can remember, I have had a need to make, create, and work with my hands. 

I come from a somewhat unique but very New England, background.  I was born, raised, and homeschooled on a sheep farm in New Hampshire and the second oldest of nine children.  Money was scarce and resourcefulness was prized.  I was always making something, carving wood till my hands blistered, building forts with my brothers, going to our homeschool group art class, weaving, sewing my own clothes, and so much more.

I continue to, and probably always will,  find great fulfillment in creating. 

For me, it's all about forming beauty through practicality, creativity, and using what is readily available.  Above all else, I create to bless others and glorify God.  What better way to do that than through these old and cherished hymns? To learn more about my creative process, click here.

I am a Christian, wife, moThe Jenkins Family at His Mansion Ministries m of three, homemaker, artist, and missionary.  I live in rural New Hampshire with my family and my pets on the beautiful campus of His Mansion Ministries (to learn more about His Mansion, visit My His Mansion page or go directly to their website).

I have been actively selling my hymn page creations for two and a half years.  I started selling on Etsy and I have also participated in the Christmas on the Pond Craft Fair in Marlow, NH and the Lions Club Craft Fair in Goffstown, NH.  This last year I was honored to be accepted into in the Library Arts Center’s Gallery of Gifts in Newport, NH. My angel ornament was also unexpectedly featured on a paper ornament blog post, back when I first started in 2018. 

Do you have any questions or comments?  Is there a special piece you would like me to make? I would love to hear from you.