Changing and Adapting Fall 2020

It has been months, many months since I’ve posted on here. It’s been quite the year, thus far, hasn’t it?

I, just like thousands of other artists and crafters, set my art aside and poured my energy into making masks all spring and summer. Between masks and my always-at-home kids, it’s been just a bit crazy busy.

And so, here we are! We have made it into fall! Here, in New Hampshire, the fall colors have been stunning! 

I am homeschooling my three kids (like, really homeschooling not school run remote learning), no longer making masks, and gearing up my art for this Christmas season. 

And here is a new little chapel ornament just off the design table. What do you think? Isn’t it cute?

I am excited to say, my work has been excepted into the Gallery of Gifts at the Library Art Center in Newport, New Hampshire. The show will run from November 7th through December 23rd. 
My work is also available in my Etsy shop and directly from me, although I suspect my time and therefore supply of work will probably be somewhat limited throughout the season. 

Blessings to you all. As this year slowly comes to a close, may we all find joy and abundance in Christ, despite all the challenges in the world. 


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